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Simple Budgeting For Extensions

Want to extend your home but unsure of how much it's all going to cost?
It's a regular problem for homeowners looking at taking on building work. Get the figures wrong and it could lead to anxiety, frustration, and worst case scenario, an unfinished project. Below is a guide to costs for extensions and how much you should expect to pay.

Single Storey Extension

Outside of London the average cost of a single storey extension is between £1,200 - £1,500 per square metre.
It's important to consider at the outset what you are going to want out of your space. If it is an extension to your dining room or living space for example, your costs are likely to be lower. If the project includes a kitchen however, then the price will be higher and this should be accounted for. Other additional features such as underfloor heating or bi-fold doors rather than french doors can also see your budget heading up. You should weigh up the pros and cons of each feature you are looking to include. Will it fundamentally change the way you live, or is it a nice to have addition?

Double Storey Extension

Adding an additional storey onto your extension can add up to 50% to the expense. So you can expect to pay £1,600 - £2,150 per square metre (of the overall footprint of the extension).
Once again consider any additional features that you might want For example, a bedroom with an en-suite bathroom is going to be a higher spend than a back bedroom/study.

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